American Business Services LLC (ABS) is an SAP software partner focusing on specialized software. ABS has more than 18 years implementing SAP/IS-OIL for Oil and Gas companies. We specialize in Terminal Automation software and hardware, rail solutions, freight processing, dispatching/planned orders, RFID and mobile device and PCB design.


TMW is a certified SAP software built inside of SAP for the purpose of processing  Bill-of-Lading activity and Planned Orders/CRM.

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TLoad Terminal Automation

Tload is a state-of-the-art in rack/terminal automation and Bill-of-Lading creation at terminals, refinaries and any bulk loading facility. 

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Advanced Railcar Optimizer is software built for rail yard managmenet and switching of railcars, tracking railcar locations in terms of track and spot.

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Freight Engine

SAP certified software built to handle all aspect of freight in SAP from billing to accruals, simulations and rate maintenance.

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