Transportation & Carrier Cost

TCC (Transportation, Carriers and Cost) is built using the ABAP language within SAP to manage all aspects of Bulk Transportation (billing and accruals). The main benefits of the TCC are:

  • Ensuring proper and accurate billing of bulk transportation costs to customers.
  • Ensuring proper accrual for bulk transportation costs payables to the carriers.

TCC is used to store and manage all transportation rates inside of SAP including rates used to bill customers and rates used to pay carriers. TCC provides a one-stop program to maintain transportation rates used to bill customers and pay carriers. TCC also includes a freight and logistics simulator used to analyze transaction costs for various transportation scenarios.

The following are the main features of TCC:

  • Rate management is optimized to reduce the number of rates.
  • Rates can be set a product level or at a hierarchical product group(s) level.
  • Rates are maintained at a lane level.
  • Fuel surcharge is automated with the use of DOE average fuel prices and the ability to build formals (scales) based on the DOE fuel prices.
  • Ability to simulate transportation costs , the simulation takes into account the primary transportation costs and storage fees.
  • Interface to external distance programs like Rand McNally.
  • Ability to set a minimum freight on value or quantity.
  • Ability to copy a rate.
  • Ability to Mass change rates.